Dear readers, 

It's my first time selling at a convention, let alone a large event such as Anime North. I'm very excited, but also nervous as I prepare for the event. 

Unfortunately my etsy account is still under reserve and I won't see any money from my orders for another 3 months, which is essentially by Anime North at this point. I'm trying to stay positive and very grateful for the support as I get ready for the convention. I had enough saved up for the table cost and some left over. 

One of my friends used to table a lot and lended me her grid display. She also mentioned a button maker, which I'm excited to try out. I just need to buy the accessories to make said buttons.

I've mapped out the table size on my island and will be playing around with my display now. Will be posting previews and asking for feedback.

Still in awe of that girl that used to attend these events thinking she's not good enough. Look at her go.

Thank you for coming along with me on this journey,