Thank you to everyone that came out and said hi. It was really nice meeting everyone in person. Sorry if I was awkard AF. Thankfully my fiance was keeping the vibes going when I was socially K.O. 

I'm a little sad that the table assignments were posted like a week before the event. Thought I'd have more time to advertise. Overall the event itself was really good, we had AC and the organizer came by several times asking if we needed anything. There was a water area nearby, and luckily we were seated by the washrooms so the dash wasn't too far. There was a long line almost everytime, but don't think anything can be done about that. I actually don't know if there was another washroom in the building? 

Profits were really good for a table with 90% original inventory and I got a lot of positive feedback. I was so nervous I may not earn back the table when I booked it. Glad I didn't delay going because of it, totally worth it! 

Also shout out to the amazing person that bought 9 enamel pins! Hope your improve team liked them :)

I got to look around a bit on Day 3 and splurged on some goodies myself. Ton's of amazing cosplays that walked by. My heart belongs to the two Daisy Mae's though~ <3